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Tarot card / Spiritual guidance reading by e mail £4.99
Tarot card / Spiritual guidance reading by e mail

Have you ever felt that you are lost ! ~ stuck in a rut ~ in need of direction ~ then i can help you ~ I am a genuine, ethical Tarot card / Spiritual guidance reader. This means that i connect with my Spirit guides to work with me in order to give you the guidance needed. I am a member of the SNU (Spiritual National Union) who have strict guidlines and i am currently working on my SD1 course with them. Simply e mail me your question that is troubling you and i will e mail you back.

@ my healing hands ~ our aim is to promote 'self worth' in myself and everyone we meet.

NB: For reason of legality all aspects of Physic / Tarot Palmistry or any of 'my healing hands' therapies are considered entertainment and should not be a substitute for professional, legal or medical help. readings are to be used as a guidance and insight into what may be, they should not be used as a blueprint for living. When using any of our services, you agree that any Spiritual consultation is subject to your own interptreation and your actions are a result of your own freewill. By purchasing this sevice, you are declaring that you are aged 18 years or above.

This reading will be done via e mail

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A Spiritual/Tarot reading inhouse or your home £20.00
A Spiritual/Tarot reading inhouse or your home

Order our Spiritual / Tarot card reading inhouse, your home (travel costs will be incurred) to receive guidance on your career, relationships, life purpose and more. your reading will be done in our very own Spiritual Garden room by myself (Lisa Weaver) unless otherwise stated.

N.B. By purchasing this item, you are declaring that you are 18 years old or above and that you have read the Terms and Conditions on the Philosophy Blog page.

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 Party Night Package £20.00
Party Night Package

Enjoy a Party Night at home with your friends. You could be celebrating a birthday, a Hen nite or a just because night !!!! This booking is for a minimum of 5 persons @ £20.00 each. The hostess gets her reading for free.. (NB: Any extra guests will be charged £20.00) All guests will take home a free gift, but the hostess will recieve a goody bag. We will also bring along a selection of items that can be purchased on the night with the hostess recieving commission on all purchases made....


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Reiki Tuition £75.00
Reiki Tuition

Reiki is a system of (Universal life energy) healing which was rediscovered by a Japanese man known as Mikao Usui at the end of the 19th century. Its not an energy that can be seen, but, nevertheless, we can be trained to tune into. This is a full day course from 9am ~ 5pm and has a light lunch provided and refreshments throughout the day. You will take home full corse notes for yourfuture reference and I will be on hand thereafter for all queries you may have. There is Level 1, Level 2, Master Level and Teacher Level.

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spiritual gift bag £9.99
spiritual gift bag


Take advantage of purchasing this beautiful (all things spiritual) gift bag at just 9.99 + 3.50 p&p from my-healing-hands.co.uk ~ contains: Distressed metal candle holder @ 11cm ~ Metal hanging heart plaque 9cm ~adjustable necklace with white buddha pendant ~ Chinese buddha magnet ~ Heart shaped Agate worry stone in its own pouch ~ Hematite Healing bracelet (choice of 2 designs) ~ Box of 20 Sage fragrance incense sticks ~ carved wooden ash catcher ~ mini Buddha in its own bag ~ buy 3 gift bags to receive free p & p !!!!!! or book a party night for you and your friends to receive the gift bag free

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Tarot instruction £35.00
Tarot instruction

Enjoy our 'Understanding Tarot' course. Your pack will include : a New set of Tarot cards, an 18 page Manual and course tuition fees. The couse is held in our spiritual garden room or we can travel to your chosen location, (but travel expenses will be incured). You could choose to purchase the pack by post (postal cost is free of charge) and a member of our team will be on hand to guide you through the course via email or telephone.


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Understanding Reiki £30.00
Understanding Reiki

This Reiki pack will give you a better understanding of Reiki. Your pack includes: a Reiki session with a qualified Reiki Mater/Teacher. We have our lineage that goes back to 'Mikao Usui and we have current practice insurance of which both will be displayed. An 18 page manuel put together from Level 1, level 2 and Masters information manuels. (N.B. if you enjoy reading your own manuel, you will be given discounted rates if you train with our very own Reiki Teacher !!) You will also receive a miniture Buddha in its very own gift bag.


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Understanding Crystal Therapy £9.99
Understanding Crystal Therapy

This pack will give you a brief insight into the understanding of Crystal Therapy. Your pack will contain: A double sided A4 laminate explaining about crystal therapy and a chart indicating each Chakra meaning), A set of 7 Chakra coloured stones and a beautiful draw string viole bag to keep your stones in. If you enjoy your purchase, we have our very own 'Crystal Therapist Teacher.


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