16.03.2018 15:37:54

Words spoken through Lisa from 'Dear Wold' 


What do you see when you look through the window?

Do you see sunshine, do you see rain, do you see wind. The trees and flowers are pleased when it rains, to quench their thirst, so, it’s good to rain. Sunshine brings happiness to one and all. Sit in the quiet, in silence, watching the world go by.

Peace, watching the sounds. The wind, listening to the sounds that the wind makes. Gentle breezes, rustling winters, listen to the ocean. The waves, the birds chattering, feeling free, to fly and open their wings, to travel and seeing things. The rocks, the crabs crawling on the rocks, playing, hiding, listening, when they hear footsteps, they hide. Pets in the gardens, laying in the sun, at peace.

What do you see, when you look through a window.

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