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Words spoken through Lisa from 'Dear Wolf'

Good evening friends, I’m dear wolf. I would like to speak to you this evening about ‘the Spirit power within each and every one of us’. Never underestimate the power of your inner spirit. Never underestimate the power of thought. You must learn to be at peace with yourself, to love yourself, love your spirit within. The spirit within is perfect for you. As you walk, your inner being will be tested, and tested to great heights. You are stronger than you think you are, with daily troubles you endure. Take time to sit in your power to clear your mind. Be calmer on yourself, take time, being in a physical being is an endurance to itself. If you love your light, yours will shine brighter, bright like stars in the sky, you don’t realise how beautiful our spirits are. Each and every one are given a task to do, it’s all part of Gods big plan, however mundane you feel your role is, it is used in the great scheme of things. You’re here to spread the word, to help people, sometimes words you need to speak are unkind. You can’t make peoples decisions for them, they have to do this themselves. But most of all you have to be at peace with yourselves. I say again, we are all part of Gods plan. Realise that people will have more and people will have less. This is their path that they have chosen, again part of Gods plan. You are here in the here and now. Live for the moment, don’t think about yesterdays, they are gone. Don’t plan to far in the future, you’re not there yet. Live for now, live for the here and the now. Live in the moment. Enjoy everything you have around you. The flowers and the tree’s, the birds and the grass. Take time to look around you, enjoy every moment. I will leave these thoughts with you.W

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Words spoken through Lisa from 'Dear Wold' 


What do you see when you look through the window?

Do you see sunshine, do you see rain, do you see wind. The trees and flowers are pleased when it rains, to quench their thirst, so, it’s good to rain. Sunshine brings happiness to one and all. Sit in the quiet, in silence, watching the world go by.

Peace, watching the sounds. The wind, listening to the sounds that the wind makes. Gentle breezes, rustling winters, listen to the ocean. The waves, the birds chattering, feeling free, to fly and open their wings, to travel and seeing things. The rocks, the crabs crawling on the rocks, playing, hiding, listening, when they hear footsteps, they hide. Pets in the gardens, laying in the sun, at peace.

What do you see, when you look through a window.

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