29.10.2013 14:47:42

LOVE AND LIGHT ~ Love and Light complement one another ~ The more love you give, the stronger your light within shines ~ The love that is given, cannot be returned, it has to be taken by the person it is intended for, thus always making your light brighter ~ Love radiates a positive emotion ~ Gently spoken words are a form of love ~ To embrace a person is a form of love ~ A smile is a form of love ~ A listening ear is a form of love ~ Every time an emotion has been given in a form of love, it will automatically turn the light from within even brighter ~ The world is full of many negative emotions ~ Hate, anger, greed, to name just a few ~ When these are given by a giver, you can see a dimmer light, almost like a candle flicker ~ The giver’s light is dimmed by their negative being, but, if someone is at a very low place, they can look like they haven’t given love; their light could just be very dim ~ They could be on the receiving end of a painful time in their life ~ If you see someone like this, give a thought and spread some love ~ Give a smile, or a kind word, or even a hug, maybe listen to them, so they can unburden their grief ~ This will make your light shine brighter for giving love and it will make their light brighter for receiving your love ~ BUT, beware, some people cannot be helped ~ They are people that spread hatred, anger, pain or insults ~ If this happens, SMILE AND WALK AWAY, AS YOUR LIGHT WILL AUTOMATICALLY BE BRIGHTER FOR DOING SO
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