Our clients satisfaction is important to us and their comments below reflect their satisfaction with the service they have received. These will be updated regularly.


Kaysie (Cardiff) 20~05~2012 I came to you for healing I have suffered high blood pressure for 4 years as have been diagnosed with PTSD, after having healing with you on Wednesday~Thursday morning i had my regular blood pressure check at the doctors, to my amazement my blood pressure was normal, NORMAL!, i havent been "normal" for 4 years so the only thing it could be is the healing you gave me, so i just want to say a big 'thank you' infact a MASSIVE THANK YOU, i will be coming to you again, you have changed my quality of life already, what you all do is amazing and should have more people like you on this planet and it would be a wonderful place xxx

9th July 2012 ~ Lynsey & Liz
Fantastic experience ! Thank you very much for spending so much time with us, and making it a personal experience. Tarot reading was interesting & intriguing and has given some brillant things to think about and look forward to. It was our first time experiencing Reiki and i'd fully recomend it. Very relaxing. Your friendly, bubbly attitudes made it a relaxing and enjoyable evening.
Two amazing ladies (Lisa & Pat). What an amazing experience, i have never felt so at ease. Thank you so much for all your kind words and the chat was absolutely delicious. On first seeing you, your love and warmth was shining and put me at ease straight away. Thank you so much x